1. Are BeLive’s products FDA approved?

No supplements are "FDA approved" in the USA. However, supplements need to be manufactured from an FDA registered manufacturer.

2. What is the shelf life?

2 years.

3. Are the gummies likely to melt while in transit or when being stored?

Our gummies are designed not to melt or degrade. They can sustain over 120-degrees Fahrenheit. Most gummies are "sand coated" to protect gummies from melting and stickiness. During the summer months, we recommend you receive your product directly from your carrier. Products left out in the sun, such as on a front porch or in a mailbox, can reach temperatures above 130-degrees Fahrenheit, causing product degradation.

4. Where are BeLive’s products manufactured?

Our products are partially manufactured in facilities in either China or Oklahoma. Final packaging, production, and additional testing takes place in New Jersey.

5. Do the Apple Cider Vinegar gummies contain the mother?

Yes, they do. We use unfiltered ACV, which contains the mother.

6. What strains do the Probiotic gummies have?

Bacillus coagulans, with 5 billion CFU per serving (2 gummies).

7. What are the specific names of the prebiotics in the Prebiotic Fiber gummies?

Inulin and chicory root.

8. Are BeLive’s products keto friendly?

No, but they are low in carbs.

9. Do BeLive’s products contain gelatin?

Most BeLive products do not contain gelatin, please check the label to confirm.

10. Are BeLive’s products gluten free?

Yes, our supplements are gluten free.

11. What is your return policy?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Items are eligible for a refund if they are returned within 14 days of receipt, or if the items are defective.