Coconut Charcoal Powder for Teeth Whitening (Yep, It Really Works!)

Coconut Charcoal Powder for Teeth Whitening (Yep, It Really Works!) 0

When you think of charcoal, you probably think of barbeques and not so much whiter teeth. But coconut charcoal powder is an innovative and cost effective way to get the whiter smile of your dreams. The use of activated charcoal is generally for medical treatments. Even so, you don’t need any special training to use it for in-home teeth whitening. By following a few steps and taking general precautions, you can get great results.

Below you’ll find the information on what makes this a great whitening option, what to lookout for and most importantly, how to use charcoal powder to brighten your smile.

So What Is Charcoal?

Before you run out and grab some charcoal lumps off the grill, know that you’re using charcoal powder. Typically, the activated charcoal powder is used in hospitals to treat those who have eaten something they’re allergic to. The charcoal is used to prevent your body from absorbing any harmful chemicals. Activated charcoal has no taste or odor and can be purchased at many health food shops in tablet form. 

How Safe Is it?

The safety of activated charcoal, coconut charcoal, in particular, is verified and is safe even if you swallow it. Even after you swallow it, the charcoal isn’t absorbed into your body and just flows through your digestive system pulling harmful toxins with it. For your teeth, however, the charcoal will bind to the rougher surfaces. This includes areas that are stained or coated in plaque. When brushing the charcoal away, be careful as it can be abrasive depending on how much pressure you use.

One of the benefits of activated coconut charcoal versus traditional whiteners is that charcoal pulls toxins away without leaving harmful effects. Coconut Charcoal powder is even more efficient than regular charcoal as the pore size is larger. Thus, the pulling effect is greater. Traditional whiteners use hydrogen peroxide or similar chemicals which can sometimes lead to gum inflammation and tooth sensitivity. If you have any open cuts or recent dental work, wait until you’ve healed completely.

What Not To Do

Even though charcoal is safe to swallow, you want to be careful on how much you ingest. Having too much charcoal in your system can cause dehydration and constipation. It can also block your body from taking in the minerals you actually need for healthy functions. So if you swallow some, make sure you to drink plenty of water to counteract this process.  

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of activated coconut charcoal is much cheaper than packs of whitening strips or multiple visits to your dentist for laser whitening treatment. It is also an extremely potent ingredient so you don’t need much (roughly one teaspoon per whitening session).

Will It Stain?

Fair warning, charcoal powder is a deep black and will stain certain surfaces. Most first-time charcoal users are worried that it will leave your teeth black. However, with gentle brushing, you can remove all of the charcoal from your mouth with no staining or darkening of your teeth. Still, be careful of your sinks, floors, and toilets. You’ll also want to have a designated toothbrush for your charcoal whitening as it will turn permanently black.

How To Use Activated Coconut Charcoal

The actual application of the coconut charcoal is quite simple. Dip your clean and wet toothbrush in the charcoal. You can make a paste of it in a disposable cup or keep it at a fairly loose, liquid consistency. With the water running (to protect your sink from stains), quickly move the brush from the cup to your mouth. Carefully, spread the charcoal in circular motions before letting the charcoal bind for up to three minutes.

You want to be mindful to not cause any scratches or other damage while you brush. After that, just rinse your mouth until it is no longer black and your teeth are clean. Don’t forget to brush any remaining charcoal from your tongue, too. To prevent staining or other messes, you can use a spit cup and flush the contents down the toilet.

For those with sensitive teeth (or who want to avoid the brushing), you can dab the charcoal directly on your teeth with either a cotton swab or finger or swish a charcoal water mixture before spitting.

How Often Should You Use It?

Because you don’t want to risk damaging the surface of your teeth, you only need to use this whitening method 2-3 days a week. Maintain your regular brushing habits, but only add charcoal whitening to it once a day.

Choosing organic activated coconut charcoal to whiten your teeth are is great because it’s a natural option to harsher chemicals. You also get bonus benefits because it will do more than just whiten your teeth. The charcoal will remove any harmful bacteria and toxins from all parts of your mouth. This is also an easy enough procedure that you can do at home. You will see results in a few weeks if you stay consistent.


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Does Garcinia Cambogia Really WORK?

Does Garcinia Cambogia Really WORK? 0

Garcinia Cambogia blew up in 2013 when Dr.Oz claims that it can help people lose weight dramatically when taking these in the form of a pill. Ever since then, many research studies were done to investigate the details on how exactly Garcinia Cambogia can help people lose weight. For a long time, this "hype" was in the air because there were no scientific prove and people continue to feel confused and frustrated when they see no results. This article will help people grasp a better understanding of how EXACTLY you can benefit from Garcinia Cambogia.

HCA, hydroxy citric acid, is the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia that was proven to block fat storage by inhibiting the enzyme, citrate lyase, which can turn sugar and carbs into fat. HCA also have the ability to suppress appetite, increases serotonin levels, and boost metabolism that can help people to lead to weight loss eventually.  However, the trick is "HOW" you take it and how to maximize your chances.

Bioavailability of Garcinia Cambogia 
It just does not matter what HCA can do if your body does not absorb it. Pure Garcinia Cambogia HCA has very low bioavailability, which means they are not likely to be absorbed when taken. To combat this, you must take products that have Calcium, Potassium, or Chromium if not all three. The positive charges on these minerals will highly increase the bioavailability of HCA and help you produce better results. 

Taking HCA without Calcium, Potassium, or Chromium is close to taking nothing. Don't let this happen to you and waste money. 

How to MAXIMIZE results?

It's critical to follow these steps to maximize the benefits to get results:

1) Make sure your product has calcium, potassium, or chromium. Here's an example.
2) Look for a product that has 50-60% HCA, which is the purest & natural form. 65-95% HCA might be stronger, but they've been extracted too many times with chemicals. We don't recommend anything higher than 60% to avoid upsetting the stomach. Safety first!
3) Take a dose 30-60 minutes before a meal twice or three times a day on an empty stomach.

Extra Instructions:
By following the instruction above, you should see results within 4-8 weeks depending on your diet and fitness levels. However, if you want to transform and get the most out of this product, you need to be smart about your food and commitment to exercising. There's no "magic" pill to help you shred 50 pounds overnight; it's just impossible and unhealthy. Weight loss is a lifestyle change, and we recommend these steps:

1) Try to get on a diet with low sugar and low fat and use Garcinia Cambogia to help you suppress your urges to break the diet.
2) Get on a workout plan and be consistent. Once you get over the first two weeks, you should feel very optimistic of finishing the program.
3) Stay active and know that a lifestyle change takes discipline and dedication, but you will have a supplement to help you achieve this. (I like to use the analogy of using protein shakes; you will never gain a pound of muscle if you just drink protein and never get in a workout, the same idea here)

Get our Pure Garcinia Cambogia 60% HCA to save your time researching which product to purchase. Our product fulfills all the requirements I've mentioned above.

Combine Garcinia Cambogia with other? 
In 2013, Dr. Oz also mentioned that Raspberry Ketone, Green Tea Extract, and Green Coffee Bean are also great alternatives to Garcinia Cambogia as they work differently to help you lose weight.

We thought why not combine all four ingredients along with Caffeine to promote thermogenesis in your body to increase the efficiency of Garcinia Cambogia to produce even better results? However, if you're HIGHLY sensitive to Caffeine, we highly discourage you from taking this, but if you could handle it, this product would do wonders!

Check out BeLive's Fusion Burn

I hope this article has helped you gain a better idea of what Garcinia Cambogia is about and how to maximize your chances of losing weight. Get on it and work towards your dream summer body!

Believe it &Live it

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6 Crazy Benefits from taking Green Tea Extract EGCG

6 Crazy Benefits from taking Green Tea Extract EGCG 0

Green Tea had been utilized for decades in most parts of Asia for digestion and similarly used as Coffee in American culture, and it's beginning to turn into a hype in the US, mostly in Weight Loss and Skin Cleansing. Let's learn about the 6 benefits from taking Green Tea EGCG. 

1) Weight Loss

Green Tea Extract has always been one of the most powerful ingredients for weight loss. It is mainly influenced by the antioxidant (EGCG, epigallocatechin-3-gallate) in green tea. It can prevent carbohydrates from converting into glucose (sugar), and as we know, sugar turns into fat in the body, that's one of the main reasons people store fats. Green tea can also boost your metabolism dramatically with its naturally occurring caffeine.  Additionally, green tea specifically reduces "belly fat", which is what most people desires... According to, EGCG can increase fat oxidation 4-fold in belly fat loss. These studies provide strong evidence for a role of green tea in lowering body fat. Of course, Green Tea pills are no magic just like any other pills out there but it's 100% more natural than anything else.

2) Anti-Aging
Green tea (EGCG) can also prevent wrinkles by reducing inflammation and free radicals on the skin to give you a better glow. Inflammation can be caused internally and externally in many elements such as makeup, dry skin, fast food, unhealthy carbohydrates that take a lot of energy for guts to digest …etc. Antioxidants such as EGCG can reduce this common inflammation so people’s skin can stay young and healthy long-term when used correctly.

3) Acne 
Green tea has always been one of the most popular drinks in China to treat acne and stress bumps caused by inflammation. What people doesn't understand is that acne is not caused by dirt or bacteria (to an extent). It is caused by inflammation throughout your body especially in the guts from digesting highly inflammatory foods. Normally people consume tons of food that would ignite inflammation in your stomach which results in causing the clogged pores to inflame as acne. The antioxidant (EGCG in Green Tea) can greatly reduce the inflammation and prevent the formation of acne long-term. In addition, EGCG also has anti-bacterial effects to actually treat acne internally.  

"In one of the studies, the researcher wrote that green tea is as effective as benzoyl peroxide or antibiotic creams. Pretty impressive given that those are the go-to treatments for most dermatologists. And not only is green tea as effective as topical antibiotics, it also worked faster." (

4) Cardiovascular, immune system, and diabetes
Green tea traditionally has been used to control blood sugar in the body. Animal studies suggest that green tea may help prevent the development of type 1 diabetes and slow the progression once it has developed. People with type 1 diabetes produce little or no insulin, a hormone that ushers glucose (sugar) into cells. EGCG may help regulate glucose in the body because it has a slight inhibition on carbohydrate digesting enzymes. Though more research in this area is needed, I routinely employ EGCG in all my diabetic patients, particularly because of their increased risk of cardiovascular disease and for their high requirement for antioxidants. 
(cited from

5) Clean Energy
Green tea has naturally occurring caffeine to help people get a boost of energy. The caffeine in green tea is slightly different from the caffeine in coffee. Coffee usually gives people a spike of energy for a short amount of time. Green tea’s caffeine doesn’t give you significant of energy but a consistent effect throughout the day. BeLive’s Green Tea capsules usually, have 15 mg of caffeine per capsule which is 1/6 that of coffee.

6) Digestion
Last but not least is digestion. Although it’s not directly related, green tea can help with digestion. It’s similar to what we talked about in weight loss. Everyone have a digestive enzyme in our saliva called Alpha-Amylase. It catalyzes starch conversion into sugar once it’s consumed in the body. For instance, when we eat French fries (high starchy food), our saliva converts the fries into sugar which eventually turns into fat in our body. EGCG inhibits this enzyme to catalyzes starch conversion which really helps the body digest without using too much energy and prevents insulin spikes for those that are in risk of diabetes.

Check out BeLive's Green Tea EGCG!

MoonBurn | The First Ever Nighttime Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Pills

MoonBurn | The First Ever Nighttime Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Pills 0

This is the first product in the market to incorporate sleep-aid and weight-loss altogether., but how EXACTLY is this possible? How is this different from all the other weight loss pills in the market that doesn't work?

Of course, this is not a "magic" pill that would help you lose weight effortlessly. However, it offers an interesting combination. There are many types of research that suggest "sleeping better" would greatly help you lose weight in many ways... Here's a video of it from Elena House, A fitness trainer, and model:

The objective of this product is to block carbs and fats from adding onto your body with Garcinia Cambogia and White Kidney Bean at the same time suppress your appetite throughout the night to prevent hunger while you're getting a wonderful night of sleep with the natural effectiveness of L-Theanine and Melatonin. This product is best-taken with 
FusionBurn, a thermogenic burner (gives you energy and boosted metabolism) during the day to have fat burning in your body 24/7.

Here's a breakdown of the ingredients: 

Garcinia Cambogia: As the most effective product in the health and wellness industry, this can help block fat storage, suppress appetite, and improve mood and focus. 

Green tea extract:  this powerful antioxidant can inhibit enzymes in the human body to slow the breakdown of sugar to promote weight loss.

White Kidney Bean: Known to be a carb and fat blocker with a high concentration of fiber, this can prevent unhealthy carbohydrates from turning into fat.

CLA: Related to omega-6 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid can help your body increase metabolic rates and effectively burn off body fat mass. 

L-Theanine: Derived from tea leaves, this amino acid can assist in relaxation and anti-anxiety. 

Melatonin: Widely used for helping with sleeping cycles, BeLive incorporated a small amount to help people enjoy a better night of sleep naturally.

Produced by FDA-approved and GMP-certified manufacturer. Non-GMOs, preservatives, artificial ingredients, gluten, or any fillers. 

There might not be a "magic" pill out there but this product definitely worth a try for all these benefits. 

Click Here for MoonBurn.

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Green Tea EGCG will be officially launched on Amazon on December 26th, 2016!

Green Tea EGCG will be officially launched on Amazon on December 26th, 2016! 0

  • Helps You Lose Belly Fat
  • Supports a Faster Metabolism and Cardiovascular / Immune System
  • Regulates Blood Glucose Levels
  • Contains Anti-Aging and Anti-Inflammatory Properties and Powerful Antioxidants

EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate, is a powerful antioxidant to help support the cardiovascular and immune system, assist weight loss, boost energy levels, and provide anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Fusion Burn (4 in 1) specifically developed fat burner is out!

Fusion Burn (4 in 1) specifically developed fat burner is out! 0

Fusion Burn is specifically developed to burn fat naturally and effectively without damaging your body.
Green tea extract: Also known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), this powerful antioxidant can inhibit enzymes in the human body to slow the breakdown of sugar, which contributes to increased weight loss. Many clinical studies have claimed that it is comparable to garcinia Cambogia.*
Garcinia cambogia: As the most effective product in the health and wellness industry, this can help block fat storage, suppress appetite, and improve mood and focus.*
Green coffee bean: Many research studies have found that this can significantly boost metabolism and support the ability to inhibit weight gain.*
Raspberry ketone: This helps break down fat faster and aids in regulating adiponectin, a protein that supports metabolism.*
Caffeine: This thermogenic stimulant can help you retain energy, increase thermogenesis, and enhance fat-burning when taken as a pre-workout.*