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Customer Reviews

I started the Fusion Burn an almost a month ago. I have now to date since starting this product lost 8 pounds. I have energy through out the day. The pills have a nice fruit smell. Anyone interested in having energy and/or losing weight should try this product. - Anna Davis 

I have been using this Collagen Peptides a few weeks now, and I have noticed a difference in me. I have a connective tissue disorder which makes my joints hurt alot. Since I have been using this I have seen that I have more energy, I am not as bloated as I usually am, and this may be tmi, but I am having regular bowel movements as well. I am very impressed with the quality of this, with such an affordable price. - Loni K

Was looking for an extra supplement to help with inflammation in my joints. This Collagen Peptide seemed good since it had no sugar. I have been mixing a scoop into my morning smoothie for the past few days and feel great. There is no added taste and it mixes smoothly. - Katy Sweets 

WOW! Does this stuff work! I have lost 1.5lbs per work since taking Moon Burn, along with moderate exercise and eating moderately healthy.

Take it about 45 minutes before you want to fall asleep, and you will drift away without a care in the world! The dreams I have had while taking Moon Burn are about the most vivid, crazy, wild dreams a person can have! - Jared A