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What is Bone Broth Protein? How Does it Work?

What is Bone Broth Protein? How Does it Work? 0

If you’ve ever gone through your mother’s cookbook—the one where she’s neatly handwritten her favorite recipes with scribbled margin notes added over the years—you probably know that using meat bones as a base for a stock is a long-standing tradition.

The bones add a lot of unique flavors, making it an open secret to cooking delicious meals. By boiling them, all the nutrients and flavors trapped in the bones are released, making a tasty broth that is most commonly used as a stock but can also be enjoyed as is.

What is Bone Broth Protein?

The main problem with traditional bone broth is that it takes so long to make. You can expect to be stewing the bones for anywhere between 15 to 45 hours. Some recipes suggest boiling on a low setting for up to 72 hours!

In our busy modern lifestyle, spending up to three days on a bone broth is a luxury we can’t afford.

That’s why BeLive has developed a solution: Bone Broth Next Generation Protein.

BeLive’s Bone Broth Protein is a protein powder workout supplement. It’s the ultimate non-GMO, Paleo friendly, gluten—and dairy-free solution to getting all the benefits of bone broth without having to spend hours in the making.

What are the Benefits of Bone Broth Protein? How Does it Work?

There are a number of well-known benefits to including bone broth in your diet. Traditional bone broth recipes are incredibly economical, as it allows you to get the most out of your soup bones, left over roast chicken (or turkey come Thanksgiving!), and the veggies that would otherwise go off in your fridge.

But not everyone can afford to spend up to three days on making their own bone broth. On the other hand, we could all benefit greatly from including it in our diets, which makes Bone Broth Protein an attractive alternative.

Here’s what makes bone broth (and the dietary supplement Bone Broth Next Generation Protein) so healthy for us all:

  1. Holistic nutrition coach Jill Grunewald, the founder of Healthful Elements, has testified to the power of bone broth protein in boosting the health of your guts. The gelatin found in joints and knuckles especially help to seal holes in the intestines, also known as “leaky gut syndrome.” In this way, bone broth protein can help you overcome diarrhea, constipation, and some food intolerances too. But it isn’t just good for beating leaky gut syndrome—it helps protect non-leaky guts as well, decreasing your likelihood of getting any of its symptoms! After all, prevention is better than cure—and in this case, the prevention and the cure can be one and the same.
  2. Knuckles and joints are a popular ingredient in traditional bone broth recipes, and bone broth protein certainly does wonders for your joints too! It’s been fairly common knowledge for a number of years that glucosamine supplements can help with joint pain. Bone broth protein not only includes glucosamine but also boasts of other nutrients that help to prevent pain in your joints while keeping them healthy and happy at the same time! In fact, one of these—chondroitin sulfate—has been found to help prevent and relieve osteoarthritis.
  3. Oh to be young again… George Bernard Shaw is attributed with having said that “Youth is wasted on the young,” and we must admit—it would be nice to have the wisdom and experience of our older selves while retaining the beauty of our youth. Collagen caters to this desire in many ways, most commonly as the active ingredient in “plumping” products. But if you could add collagen to your diet, you’d be saving a lot of money and getting its natural benefits more fully. Luckily for you, bone broth is one of the richest sources of collagen known to mankind. Bone broth protein helps to promote healthy skin, hair, and nails that not only look more radiant but feel more youthful too.
  4. Not getting enough sleep is an awful thing. You lack the energy to get through your day efficiently, your mood is somewhat sourer than you (and everyone around you) would like, and you have difficulty concentrating and remembering things. A lack of sleep has even been found to cause long-term health issues. But traditional sleeping tablets are expensive, and there’s usually some catch: you don’t get a natural sleep, so you don’t wake up feeling as refreshed, or your mood is still sour. Bone broth powder, on the other hand, is packed with natural glycine, which several studies have shown help promote natural sleep and improve both concentration and memory. You get all of the benefits without any of the side-effects—and at a fraction of the price! As an added benefit, glycine also increases your creatine levels, aiding in the transport of oxygenated blood through your muscles and improving your muscle performance during workout sessions.
  5. Thanks to the high concentration of nutrients and minerals, bone broth has earned its reputation as a superfood. Bone marrow especially is highly beneficial for boosting your immune system. Red bone marrow helps your body to produce more immune cells as well as red blood cells, while yellow bone marrow is high in healthy fats. There’s a reason for the South American proverb, “good broth will resurrect the dead”. A Harvard study has shown that some sufferers of auto-immune disorders have had their symptoms relieved. Some have even had a complete remission! If you thought your grandmother’s chicken soup was a folk myth for getting over your cold and flu, then bone broth protein is here to prove it true.
  6. In many older cultures, cannibalizing your defeated enemies was considered a means of absorbing their strength. Bone broth protein doesn’t go that far, but the phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium found in the bones do form the essential foundation for promoting the strength and health of your own bones.
  7. Bone broth is a Paleo diet staple, and it contains a high concentration of natural glycine (as mentioned above). In addition to aiding in natural sleep and muscle performance, glycine also stimulates glutathione production. Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant, but it isn’t the only detox agent found in bone broth protein. Proline boosts the body’s apoptosis system, which aids in breaking down old cells, recycling raw minerals for healthy cells, and clearing the waste products. Glutamine also acts as a nitrogen transporter for transporting amine groups to our kidneys through the bloodstream.

Bone Broth Next Generation Powder

BeLive’s Bone Broth Next Generation Powder is specially formulated to give you all of these benefits without having to spend up to three days extracting them using traditional recipes. Made in an FDA Registered Facility located right here in the US, it’s a quality verified, Paleo friendly non-GMO product.

If you want a gluten, dairy, nut, and grain-free natural smoothie, juice, or protein shake to boost your health and/or improve your workout without putting any preservatives in your body, then this is what you’ve been looking for!