Fiber Gummies for Children


Fiber Gummies for ChildrenFiber gummies for kids are a safe and easy method for children to take their daily dose of fiber.

For every parent that wants to include fiber into the child’s diet, gummies are the ideal solution. They come in many interesting shapes and sweet flavors. Even the bottle’s design depicts images that children find appealing.

Every aspect of BeLive supplements intended for children consumption upholds to the highest standards of production.

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The only question up for discussion is why you should pick BeLive fiber gummies for kids instead of any other. In this article, we’re going to provide you with an answer to that question, as well as a few others.

Furthermore, we’re going to explain why fiber is so important in a child’s diet, and how these supplements can help with particular ailments.

Why are fiber gummies for kids important?  

Fiber should be an essential part of a child’s daily diet because the body needs it for appropriate development, quite like the same way the body needs vitamins and minerals to function properly. Fiber itself is a carbohydrate. You can find it an array of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. Additionally, fiber comes in two separate categories:

  • Soluble fiber – which partially dissolves in water, and it can reduce cholesterol levels  
  • Insoluble fiber – which doesn’t dissolve in water, but helps with constipation and indigestion

Both kinds of fiber are a crucial part of the diet, and one should consume them on a regular basis. This is where the fiber gummies come in when the user is a child. It would be fairly easier for the parent to administer the supplement when it comes in the shape of a gummy.

This is especially the case when the gummy has a sweet taste and a yummy aroma.

According to scientific research on the subject, fiber can help lower blood cholesterol and prevent diabetes and heart disease. For reference, we recommend you read the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, volume 69, issue 1, 1 January 1999, pages 30 to 42.

The reason fiber does this lies in his properties. Fiber binds with carbohydrates, which slows the absorption of sugar and regulates the body’s insulin response. Additionally, when we eat products that contain a higher percentage of fiber, we feel full. That means that fiber is also the key to reduce overindulging with food.

Another important fact is that fiber itself doesn’t contain any calories.  

How can children's fiber gummies help with constipation and digestive problems?

Fiber, or in this case, children's fiber gummies, can help reduce constipation and additional digestive problems in kids. When a child refuses to eat enough fruits, vegetables and whole grains, constipation can occur. Parents also take into consideration, the statement by the National Fiber Council that children are eating half or less than half of the recommended amount of fiber.

Constipation is a common problem with children. Most of the time, this includes infrequent bowel movements or hard, dry stools, which can be difficult on the child. Fortunately, most of the time these problems are only temporary. They can take place because of dietary changes or even early toilet training.

Perhaps the fact that most of the foods with a high-fiber percentage are not very kid-friendly can explain why children shy away from the fare. Oats, berries, nuts, brown rice or whole wheat products might sound tempting to an adult, but they’re hardly ever a kid’s first choice. The gummies are a smart way to avoid this problem.

If you want to maintain the digestive health of the child, fiber is a key component in that equation. Therefore, a regular fiber intake can prevent the most common digestive problems.

If you want more detailed information on the effect of fiber supplements on kids with chronic constipation, you can read the study in the Pediatrics Journal. Additionally, you can read the research of Dr. Jing Yang, Dr. Hai-Peng Wang, Dr. Li Zhou and Dr. Chun-Fang Xu. They did a meta-analysis on the subject, “Effect of dietary fiber on constipation.”

Are fiber gummies for toddlers safe?

As long as you’re purchasing fiber gummies for toddlers, which are explicitly designed for children, they’re safe. As a parent, it’s advisable to use supplements that are for children, like the ginger chews. Each supplement category is manufactured according to a particular formula.

Additionally, you can see a difference in packaging. Most of the times, supplements for kids come as gummies or chews because that makes them easier for consumption.

For example, the BeLive supplements for kids and adults contain soluble fibers such as inulin and chicory roots. The chicory root is a natural vegetable fiber which is called inulin. These prebiotics are the ideal food to stimulate the probiotics in our stomach to thrive. Good probiotics and prebiotics balance is the road to optimal digestive health.

In fact, prebiotics affects the digestive system by optimizing the good and bad bacteria ratio. Further, healthy probiotics in the gut can enhance the calcium absorption, which we know is vital for children. Another beneficial function of fiber is battling the chemical-induced free radicals. Because fiber can reduce oxidative stress and prevent cell damage, it’s also advisable for liver protection.

Regarding cholesterol levels, fiber can help you reduce them. Even though this is not a common problem for children, but rather adults, we still want to share the information. Since fiber reduces the fatty acid synthase activity in the liver, that means that it can reduce the overall cholesterol levels.

BeLive’s kids fiber gummies

The BeLive’s kids fiber gummies are easily digestible. They contain highly effective fibers that improve the digestive function, control the blood sugar levels, lower the cholesterol levels and help in achieving a healthy weight.

The BeLive fiber gummies for kids don’t contain gluten, wheat, peanuts, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish or GMO substances. They are entirely sugar-free and vegan-friendly. Each bottle contains 40 gummies, and it’s made in the USA in an FDA registered, and Halal & Kosher certified facility.

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